This page features a short summary of important updates and changes to the game. For a more detailed list including minor patches and bug fixes, go to the official steam update log.

The game was last updated on January 11th 2018 and is currently on version 1.4.163.

Summary Edit

This is a short list of the most important updates/versions and their biggest features.

Version Release date New features
Alpha 0.14.27 February 20th 2016 Unlock and save system
Official Release 1.0 March 4th 2016
Onlinebeta 0.5.1 April 12th 2016 Public server list, new hosting options
1.1.2 June 23rd 2016 Blue Platform object
1.2.00 September 6th 2016 Punching Flower object, The Pier, Outfit color variations, Twitch integration, Score balancer
1.2.10 September 14th 2016 Match quality checkmark system
1.3.0 November 8th 2016 Free play mode, level saving and sharing, new outfit colors, projectiles interacting with Teleporters and Black holes, Mini bomb and Mega bomb, pre-glued objects
1.4.161 December 12th 2017 Elephant character, Jungle Temple map, Volcano map, level browser, challenge mode, expanded free play mode, more outfits, PS4 and PC crossplay, 8 new objects

Notes Edit

  • The first prototype of the game was called "Horseblock"