The rulebook is the options/pause menu of the game. The number of pages that are available depends on when it is opened. While in the treehouse, it has 15 (or 14*) pages, in the main menu it consists of only 7 pages and if opened in a round, it has 8 (or 7*) pages.

*The "Online Options" page only appears in online mode.

Global pages Edit

Options Edit


From here you can change the game's resolution and quality, toggle windowed mode, version number and V-Sync, as well as changing the music and sound effect volumes. This page also allows you to directly jump to the other global pages.

Controls (x2) Edit


Here you can adjust the keyboard controls to your preferences and view the various gamepad control layouts.

Languages Edit


A list of the 14 available translations that can be selected.

Twitch Options Edit


Displays all the Twitch settings. Visit the Twitch integration wiki page for more details.

Main Menu exclusive pages Edit

Main Menu Edit


This is the first page you see after launching the game. From here you can start a local game, play online and take shortcuts to other pages. Additionally, it allows you to visit Clever Endeavour's twitter page, their store page, the game's subreddit and the official discord. There are also buttons for reporting bugs, giving feedback and closing the game.

Credits Edit


This page shows some of the credits. See the treehouse for the complete list of credits.

Treehouse exclusive pages Edit

Table of Contents Edit


This page functions as an overview of all the others currently available to make navigation easier.

Game Rules Edit


The host of a lobby is able to change the game rules on this page. This includes the following:

  • The gamemode (Party Mode / Creative Mode / Free Play)
  • The points required to win a game (3 - 20)
  • The length limit type (Rounds / Time / None)
  • The specific length limit (2 - 50 rounds / 3 - 60 minutes / None)
  • The placement timer (None / 5 - 60 seconds)

Point Types Edit


Here the host can activate/deactivate the individual point types. For more details on the specific point types, visit the corresponding page.

Inventory (x3) Edit


These three pages can be used to adjust the item selection of the game. Any object can be excluded from the game and will then not be available for the players when they're building their level.

Online Options Edit


This page shows the connection quality of all individual players and allows them to vote to kick each other. It also offers options for adjusting name visibility, changing the afk timeout timer and disabling chat as well as emote messages.

Animal Stats Edit


Many different stats concerning the individual characters can be viewed on this page.

Item Stats Edit


This page contains further stats focusing on specific objects.

Level Stats Edit


Further statistics on the topic of the different maps are portrayed on this page.

Ingame exclusive pages Edit

Pause Menu Edit


Similarly to the "main menu" and "table of contents" pages, this page functions as a basic menu that allows the player to access other pages faster. It provides the ability to end the current game or quit to desktop aswell.

Online Options Edit

This page is the same as the treehouse exclusive "Online options" page above.

Save and Share Edit


The "Save and Share" page can be used to save a local copy of the current custom level at any time. Players can upload and share the level from here. Besides that the page also displays how many objects the level contains, with 5000 being the maximum amount for it to still be uploadable.

Loaded Level Edit


The "Loaded Level" page is only available in custom levels that have been uploaded. It offers ways of sharing the level and also allows the user to save a local copy and add it to their favorites.

Irregular pages Edit

These rulebook pages can't be considered normal because they are either not accessed in the same way as most others or do not have a page number.

Cover Edit


The cover page has no page number and can be reached by flipping to the left of the first page in the menu or the treehouse. It shows the current version number.

Inventory (x3) Edit

These inventory pages are very similar to the ones available in the treehouse. However, these are only accessible in Free Play and Creative Mode as they are used to select and place objects. They can't be opened by pressing the "pause" button. Instead, one must press the "inventory" button to reach them.

Custom Level Parts Edit


This page features a selection of permanent objects that can not be destroyed by bombs in any gamemode besides Free Play, which is also the only mode the page is available in. It can be found right before the inventory pages.

Level Customization Edit


Here players can change music, ambience and background of a custom level as long as it was created from a blank level. This page is also located in the player's inventory.