Points are the main factor for determining the winner of a match in party mode and creative mode. The winner is the one who manages to reach the point limit first. If the round or time limit is reached before that, the player who currently has the most points will win. In case of a simultaneous arrival at the point limit by multiple players or an equal amount of points between them when the time/round limit is reached, sudden death will be activated.

The rule of thumb for points is that when all players get to the goal of a level, only coin points are distributed. All other point types are ignored in this case. The same goes for when nobody reaches the goal.

List of Point Types Edit

There are 7 types of points that are all acquired in different ways. The host of a lobby is able to activate and deactivate the individual types at will in the rulebook.

Goal Points Edit

These points are acquired when a player reaches the goal flag without dying.

Solo Points Edit

Solo points are received if the player is the only one who reached the goal. They are automatically disabled when there are less than three players in a match.

First Points Edit

The first player to get to the goal gets a small amount of extra points for being faster than the others.

Postmortem Points Edit

If a player dies but his body still reaches the flag they receive these points instead of normal goal points.

Trap Points Edit

These points are given to a player when someone else is killed by a trap that was placed by them.

Coin Points Edit

Coin points are awarded to those who collect a coin and bring it to the goal.

Comeback Points Edit

When a player falls behind for a certain amount of rounds, he is labeled as an "Underdog" and will get a bonus the next time he receives goal or post mortem points.

Point Values Edit


The point types as seen in the rulebook

Each type of points has a different value. Goal points are a full point on the scoreboard. Coin, solo and comeback points are 3/5th of a point, postmortem points are 2/5th and trap as well as first points are worth 1/5th of a whole point. The amount of full points required to win a match can be configured by the host using the rulebook.
Point Types

Players can also handicap themselves by using the score balancer in the treehouse. It allows them to lower the amount of points they will receive. For example, if set to 20%, goal points will only be worth 1/5th of a whole point for a player.

Notes Edit

  • Winning without any special points will unlock the "Back to the Basics" achievement
  • Scoring 100 solo points will unlock the "Solo Master" achievement
  • Scoring 10 postmortem points will unlock the "Necromancer Dancer" achievement
  • Scoring 50 comeback points will unlock the "Comeback Kid" achievement
  • If a player gets postmortem, they also receive first and solo points appropriately