Every object in the game that can be connected to moving items with honey (or connectors) has a weight value. This attribute describes by how much the attached moving object will be slowed down.

The slowing effect of weight is greater on rotating pieces the further away the attached object is from the center of the rotation.

Weight table Edit

Below is a table of every object along with its corresponding weight. This does not include objects that have no weight.

Object Weight
Wood (1x1) 1
Coin 1
Flipping Block 1
Crossbow 1
Tennisball Shooter 1
Hockey Shooter 1
Magnet Platform 1
Slowatch 1
Wood (2x1) 2
Scaffold 2
Spike Ball 2
Spinning Saw 2
Teleporter 2
Punching Flower 2
Spring 2
Hydrant 2
Boxing Glove 2
Wood (3x1) 3
Barrel 3
Stairs 3
Trigger Spikes 3
Black Hole 3
Wrecking Ball 3
Door 3
Fan 3
Paper Airplane Shooter 3
Wood (4x1) 4
Linear Saw 4
Hay Bale 4
Wood (5x1) 5
L Girder 5
Wood (6x1) 6