With any game, there are bound to be a few bugs. And Ultimate Chicken Horse is no exception. There are always new bugs to find so post one here.

Wall clipping Edit

This is usually done when the player is pushed between the level and a moving object. This is supposed to squish and kill the player, but sometimes they just get stuck.


Confirmed to happen in version(s) 1.3.56

Status: "We've fixed the thing that caused that bug, but it'll only be pushed live when we make our big mega update!" -Game dev

Infinite death Edit

This bug was rarely caused when a player was killed by a black hole. But other then that, not much is known about this strange glitch.


Confirmed to happen in no known versions

Status: Presumably fixed

Ghost coin Edit

When a player picks up a coin in a public match, it can rarely not register for all players. The player A will appear to be holding nothing for players B and C, but player A still gets points for the coin (provided they got to the flag). Players B and C can't collect the coin and can't place any objects on the space the glitchy coin occupies, until it is blown up by a bomb.


Confirmed to happen in version(s) 1.3.56

Status: Unfixed

Rotating WaveEdit

This rather funny glitch happens randomly when honey is placed on the "The Pier" map. The wave might somehow be attached to the rotating or moving object that the honey is on. This causes the wave to move about the level in ways that would seem impossible. Notice the upside-down wave in the picture below.

20170318120020 1
Rotating wave

          Confirmed to happen in version(s) 1.3.53, and 1.3.56

          Status: Unfixed