These are the animals which the players can control. Gameplay-wise there is no difference between them, they only differ in appearance, sounds and have different outfits. There are eight characters in total: Chicken, Horse, Raccoon, Sheep, Chameleon, Squirrel, Bunny and Elephant.

Chameleon, Squirrel, Bunny and Elephant can be unlocked by collecting mystery boxes. The other four are available from the start.

Which of the characters are available to be used depends on the unlocks of the host of a game. For example: Player B who has already unlocked all of the characters joins the lobby of Player A. However, because Player A has not unlocked any of them yet, only the standard animals are available. Similarly, if Player B was the host instead and Player A joined his game, they could choose from all eight characters.

Notes Edit

  • The Elephant was added in version 1.4.161
  • Unlocking a character will unlock the "A New Friend appears" achievement
  • Unlocking all the characters will unlock the "Building a Community" achievement

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