This is a collection of special and creative building techniques that can be used to add variety and difficulty to levels. These techniques fall into several categories based on the objects or hazards they utilize.

Springs Edit

Springs are objects that push the player away when touched from the top side.

Spring Elevators Edit

Spring-o-mancy ShiftPowers

An example of a spring elevator in use (Level code: ZEWH-77VS)

Spring elevators are a use of springs that comes in a few varieties. These range from using momentum to using the shift key to navigate the elevator up and down.



Spring Blocking Edit

Spring Block

Spring blocking is the use of springs on ledges to keep players from making a jump. It can also be used to keep them from wall jumping by placing it adjacent to a wall or object. This can at times make a level impossible or much harder.



Wall Climbing Extensions Edit


When wall jumping is not an option, there's springs

In tight areas too dangerous to climb normally, one can place a spring aswell as ice to create such an extension. Because ice helps you keep your momentum and the spring adds power to your climb, this allows you to go higher.


Black Holes Edit

Black holes have special properties. Their gravitational pull allows them to be used in very creative ways.

Force Fields Edit


Force fields consist of a black hole and a projectile launcher such as the crossbow or the tennis ball turret. The gravitational effects of the black hole can alter the path of some projectiles often creating looping trajectories.



Ziplines Edit


One of the ways players can use a zipline to cross a dangerous gap (Level code: JE9G-5TGT)

Ziplines use a line of black holes, sometimes with ice, to allow players to cross possibly dangerous gaps or to navigate through a level.



Hanging Edit


Clinging to walls, while somewhat impractical, can be good to have sometimes

Placing black holes on the other side of a wall makes it possible for players to hang onto it in order to wait for danger to pass. Think of it as sticking to walls but sometimes you may need to struggle to get off of it.



Block Contraptions Edit

Scoops Edit

Giphy (1)

A scoop is an L- or U-shaped arrangement of objects that are held together by honey and are also connected to a rotating object such as a tire block or a conveyor belt. They can be used to "catch" players inside of them and crush them or to provide a safe ride for them.


Crushers Edit


If you're too slow you'll get crushed

Crushers can, as the name implies, be used to crush a player for failing a timed event or for making a mistake.



Honey Edit

Sticky Jumps Edit


How a sticky jump can be used to cross an otherwise impossible gap (Level code: RBM7-R7ME)

A sticky jump utilizes honey to make a jump possible that may be trapped by a spring or low ceiling. The honey allows players to make a smaller jump of the same distance as a normal one.